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The most beloved product don't come from large companies but rather from the genius of the independent innovator & dreamer.

We help inventors 

assess idea strength and readiness

We speak to the most pressing challenges product innovators will face

30+ years of direct consumer goods industry product development and brand expertise brought forward practical solutions to meet the unique needs of the independent product innovator.

Assessing your Idea

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Assessing your Idea

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What to do with your idea, where will you naturally win where might you struggle? Get a good foundation under your feed for the road ahead.

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Which best describes where you are?

Help starts here...

Navigating the Journey

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Navigating the Journey

Great progress is being made, but complexity is growing and want to keep things moving forward so I can reach my launch goal. 

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Launched and Growing

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Launched and Growing

Improve in-market performance, find critical cost savings, and remove distractions to focussing on revenue and growth.

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Project has Stalled

Project has stalled and regaining forward progress seems easier said than done. Need to find a new path forward and make this work.

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Project has Stalled

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and continues here...

with support & guidance that helps you move forward with confidence.

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Support & Guidance as you Progress Forward

Support & Guidance as you Progress Forward

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It starts with clarity of your destination and an understanding of the journey ahead. We'll help you build a path that matched your style and support for the range of individual issues you are likely to encounter.  Work on your project and reach out as needed and we'll help you sort thru options and provide needed information.   

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You lead,

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guides & supports

Graphic Designers

Trademark Attorneys

Digital Marketing

Component Suppliers

Industrial Designers

CAD Engineer

Patent Attorneys


Contract Manufacturers

Packaging Engineers

Brand Specialist


& Other Specialists

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Acumen CPG is not a design studio, engineering firm, or marketing agency... but instead, we are cross-discipline product development experts who help inventors successfully navigate the complex journey from idea to store shelf. Bringing a new product idea to life requires the use of many different professional resources and specialists. And while it’s not difficult to hire a patent attorney or CAD designer for your project, knowing how the input & output of one impacts the work of the other is substantially more difficult. This knowledge is not available from the individual specialist nor is it something that can be researched or discovered online. It must be expeirenced first hand to be mastered. The hard truth is that most all new product startup efforts will fail as a direct result of not effectively managing contracted specialists and from moving forward with fundamental strategic and executional gaps. Getting things right not only makes the development journey more enjoyable, predictable, and affordable but it gives you a distinct competitive advantage once you enter the market and shift your focus to growing revenue. Pulling back the curtain to provide real-world industry knowledge and guidance is at the heart of what Acumen CPG offers and it what sets us apart from all others in the new product development space.


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Licensed Products
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Fractional C-Suite & Board Membership Services

Having a well-rounded leadership team with marque consumer products experience can give startups much needed credibility and gravitas when pivoting to the next level, seeking investors, beginning M&A activities, or other key moments in the life of your business.

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