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Succeed in bringing your new product idea to life

We empower the independent inventor with real-world product development knowledge & insights.

Acumen CPG believes the most beloved and enduring product ideas don't come from large companies... but instead, they come from the genius of the independent innovator & dreamer who sees something others cannot and has the determination to bring it to life.

Self-funded startups need to avoid costly missteps 

The Journey from Idea to Store Shelf

The journey from idea to store shelf can be slow and expensive when taking a trial & error approach

ineffective patent and design efforts requiring costly rework

needlessly expensive manufacturing costs

finished products that fail to delight your target consumer

rash early choices that limit future ability to scale

unexpected thin margins necessitating endless cost cutting 

frustrating lack of forward progress leading to burnout

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You need someone who knows the journey from start to finish

When we can Help

Acumen CPG is not a design studio, engineering firm, or marketing agency... but rather, product development experts who pull back the curtain and provide real industry knowledge custom tailored to the unique needs of the self-funded independent innovator. 

We provide integrated cross-discipline 
guidance and tools needed to successfully complete the journey from idea to store shelf.  

We help those who have the vision and passion but don't have direct product experience. We illuminate the path ahead and reveal the hidden project-ending issues that take many by surprise.

Bring your new product idea to market with clarity and confidence 

When you're ready to go forward, you'll want the right tools for the job.  Here's where you should start. 

New Invention Startup Program

This program greatly improves in-market performance of new product ideas by building a solid foundation and a clear development roadmap based on industry best practices fused with independent startup insights.

Newly Added Benefits!

Expert advice as you make forward progress

Quick and flexible help for the full range of commercial and technical issues you may encounter on the way to your first product launch. We can also help with in-market and ongoing business issues.

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Get a Custom Proposal

Some projects and product issues have unique deliverables and timelines that benefit from a custom support arrangement.  Reach out and let us know what help looks like.

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