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Confidentiality Agreement

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The following agreement offers protection to your new product idea as you disclose details needed for Acumen CPG to help you with your commercialization efforts. Please read it carefully and consult appropriate professional legal resources if it is unclear. The agreement is activated when you submit your invention.


Acumen CPG looks forward to helping you reach your new product development aspirations.


Joe Mattiko
Acumen CPG




This Agreement to Keep Information Confidential is made and entered into by and between you, the discloser of a a new product idea (Inventor) and Acumen CPG, a Maryland LLC, (Advisor).

1. Inventor has developed and owns all rights to an idea (Product) and wishes to disclose the Product to Advisor for evaluation of commercialization potential and means of execution (“Disclosure”). Both Inventor and Advisor want the Disclosure to remain confidential and proprietary to Inventor as described in this Agreement.


2. Advisor will hold in confidence all information relating to the Product that Inventor discloses to Advisor hereafter and shall not directly or indirectly disclose to others such information except as expressly allowed by Inventor. Advisor will protect the Disclosure as carefully as it protects its own trade secret information. To avoid misunderstanding, all Disclosure information shall be written (either by text or graphic) or tangible; orally transmitted information is not included by this Agreement. Inventor will make clear and keep a record of what information Inventor has disclosed to Advisor.


3. Inventor retains all rights to the Product and Disclosure.


4. This Agreement does not apply to any information that was already known by Advisor at the time of Disclosure or was publicly available at the time of Disclosure. This Agreement will cease to apply if a) Disclosed information becomes publicly available through no fault of Advisor, b) is publicly disclosed by Inventor, c) is independently disclosed to Advisor by an unrelated third party, or d) three years from the date of entering into this Agreement.


5. Both Inventor and Advisor agree that this Agreement does not give either of them any rights to information or property owned by the other. Improvements or modifications to the Disclosure shall be protected under this Agreement when Disclosed as described in section 2.


6. This Confidentiality Agreement may change in the future. In such event, the version of Agreement in place at the time of your submission and Disclosure shall remain in effect.


7. This Agreement is governed only by Maryland law. Any dispute under this Agreement that cannot be settled by the parties themselves or with the assistance of a mediator within one month of notice of the dispute (except for the issuance of an injunction) will be settled by arbitration on an accelerated basis by a single arbitrator in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, both mediation and arbitration to be held in Towson, Maryland USA. Each party will pay its own expenses of mediation and arbitration and equally share the mediator/arbitrator's fee and facility rental (if needed), unless the arbitrator chooses to require one party to pay all or a portion of the other party’s expenses.


By clicking on "submit" I understand that I am entering into a legally binding Agreement with Acumen CPG to protect the confidentiality of my Product idea for review. I have been encouraged to consult with advisors of my choice before entering into this Agreement.


rev 6-4-2024


Acumen CPG.


Discloser of a product idea

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