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5 tips for a more predictable, successful, and enjoyable development journey


Resist Spending Money too Early

Upon deciding to move forward with that great new product idea, the first block of weeks or perhaps months should not involve spending any money on patents, design work, or other activities that conventional wisdom describes as forward progress.  Instead, the initial steps should be...

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Be Mindful of Sequence of Tasks

The question of whether form follows function or function follows form may sound somewhat clique or rhetorical, but it’s a real question worthy of examination. Some times, leading with design efforts and then...

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The Power of Working Backwards

While the idea of progressing from A to B to C is familiar and simple, it’s not a great approach when working to commercialize a new product idea. Laying out a path that move from start to finish sounds logical but... 

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Temper Specialists with a Generalist

They say it's easy to miss the forest for the trees and in a new product development context this would be the focussing on individual specialist (i.e. patent attorneys, designers, brand experts, manufactures, and so on) to the exclusion of...

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Don't move Forward with Bad Financials

A certain relationship between consumer pricing sensitivity, retail price targets, wholesale pricing, COGS, and gross margin must exist if a finished product is to enjoy commercial success and...

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