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Launching a new product is complicated, we'll coach you through it.

Product development support & guidance by people who get it.

Crossing the Finish Line

We've help innovators reach the finish line by resolving issue like these: 

Interconnecting Specialists Image

Syncing work

output across multiple specialist

Product Quotation Image

Reaching needed manufacturing cost/quote targets

Design & Engineering Image

Driving effective product design & engineering

Document Image

Integrating patent and product development 

In-Market Growth Stage
Post-Launch Growth Stage

Locking down  unsustainable spending 

Project Timeline Image

Condensing bloated timelines that

don't close

Consumer Appeal & Sales Image

Improve products with low consumer appeal

Product Quality & Performance Image

Fixing quality defects that hurt brands & business

Infinite Ways to Help Image

...and so many other issues that can lead to a stall or poor in-market performance 

Open Quote Marks
Close Quote Marks

There's more to a successful product commercialization effort than contracting various development specialist. Talk to us and let us share what we know. 

~ Joe Mattiko

     Acumen CPG

Acumen CPG Founder - Image 2

How it works

Free Project Consultation

Schedule a FREE, no-obligation project consultation. Its a great way to test-drive our services and gain valuable insights you can put to use right away.

Note - This step is optional but its FREE and encouraged.

Foundation Builder Programs

Starting here helps us learn your project, capture your needs, and establish early strategic direction and solutions to pressing issues. 

New Idea Stage

Assess your Idea

Post-Launch Growth Stage

Time to Grow

In-Progress Project Stage

On the Path

Project Rescue & Reset Stage

Project Restart

Note - This step is optional but strongly recommended.

Support & Guidance Programs

Which Way to Go

Drive your project forward until you encounter an issues that would benefit from some support & guidance.

Zoome & Slack Image

Reach out to Acumen CPG and let us know what's happening via Slack or live Zoom working sessions.

Project Results & Analysis

We'll spring into action and provide written or live video answers and solutions that'll keep you on track.

Calendar & Clock Image

Time needed to help solve your issue or speak to your question will be noted and remaining program time will be updated and remain visible. 

Origins of our Support Programs

Acumen CPG's founder is a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry expert with more than 30-years of ideating, developing, and launching new products around the world. The work spanned both technical and commercial functions including engineering, design, marketing, packaging, project management, licensing, finance, manufacturing, sourcing and quality. Brands such as Star Wars, Transforms, Barbie, Marvel, Crest, Swiffer, CoverGirl and many others represent a diverse range of categories and product forms. The work offered the opportunity to directly encounter and solve the full range of problems most all product-based businesses are likely to encounter. Despite the great people and the chance unlock and master the full journey from idea to enduring brand… he long desired to break free from corporate grind and shift his focus to helping entrepreneurial startups. He wanted to share best practices that are simply unavailable to the public and help the innovator who may lack big company resources but is free from bureaucratic burdens and limiting mindsets. In 2017 he left the corporate world, established Acumen CPG and began the long process parsing decades of accrued industry knowledge and augmenting it to meet the unique needs of the self-funded startup. Assessing the landscape of existing support options in this space revealed that most only offer specific specialty services (patents, design work, CAD services, etc.) and have little to no knowledge of how their work impacts or relates to the larger whole. Those that do work across two or more disciplines are rare, expensive, have limited practical industry experience, and often seek an equity stake in a client’s idea while also requiring heavy-handed contractual commitments. Time spent helping frustrated clients recover from bad support experiences and failed development efforts, clearly showed a better support model was needed. The new approach needed to have effectiveness, objectivity, and pragmatism at its core while also being affordable and flexible. It was a multi-year process of design and refinement and our Foundation Programs and Support & Guidance Programs were the result. The programs break the well-intended, but fatally flawed, cycle of first-time innovators hiring random specialty service providers in the absence of a unifying interconnected development framework and trying to make all the pieces fit together as new data emerged. Understanding the larger picture gives needed relevance to individual activities. Having fast access to real-world solutions along the way keeps things moving forward without the need for expensive and time consuming rework that always accompanies a trial & error approach. When paired together, our programs give you a distinct in-market competitive advantage and a product development journey that is more effective, fast, affordable, and enjoyable.

Acumen CPG Founder - Image 1

Choose a support & guidance option



  • Choose multiple Zoom working sessions or larger focussed blocks of time

  • Or choose written questions & answers

  • Mix and match video & written work based on style & need







  • Choose up to twenty* Zoom working sessions

  • Or up to 100x* written questions & answers

  • Mix and match video & written work based on style & need







  • Choose up to forty* Zoom working sessions

  • Or up to 200x* written questions & answers

  • Mix and match video & written work based on style & need





*Note - shown number of video sessions, session lengths, and volume of written correspondence are examples how how the purchased time could be used for typical issues. Actual figures will depend on complexity of a given topic/question and the time needed to address it. 

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